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Keemut’s TCO Calculator

At Keemut we look at valuation of connected cars that use data from actual cars instead of averages. As we build out our user base, we still look at average data from time-to-time. This calculator is an example of the data we aim to automate in calculating the cost of ownership of a vehicle.

The calculator assumptions

We have built the calculator to look at the 5-year ownership of a vehicle that is either financed or paid in cash. We use the following data inputs:

  • Loan ratings based on used provided credit score.
  • Historical maintenance rates for different models.
  • Insurance based on the user’s state for an adult married male. Note, we are looking at partnering with an insurance company to simplify this.
  • User input for miles driven a year.
  • Fuel and Electricity prices based on user’s state. These can be edited if you think gas prices are going to rise faster than our prediction.

Competition of Cars Which Is A Better Deal?

Test out Tesla vs. BMW, or Tesla vs. Audi, you can pick the ICE vehicle and the EV

ICE Vehicle Info

EV Vehicle Info

Personalize your vehicle

Fill in the details that help in providing a proper comparison based on your driving habits.

Fuel / Energy Prices

This is based on forecasted data from various sources such as EIA, DOE for the given states

YearGas Prices ($/gal)Electricity Prices ($/kWh)


1. Bank loan data via Credit Karma.

2. We do not adjust the maintenance as you drive more miles right now. We will update to add this as we get more data to do this. Our current model is based on 15,000 miles/yr driven.

3. We use public government data to get average values of energy by state. We will add additional countries to this in the near future.

4. We do not include tax and tax credits in this calculator.

5. Some 2022 vehicles have not published their rated MPG or MSRP as of this calculator’s publication, so we use 2021 MSRP or an equivalent value.

6. For new EV vehicles with limited maintenance history, we extrapolated the average EV maintenance based on manufacturer history, their experience with EVs, and recommended maintenance for EVs vs ICE.