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How it Works

Car purchased!

I bought my first car!

1 Jan, 2019

Enter in your car's information and see how it compares with the community
$50,000 purchase price

❤️ Thanks for signing up!

First recharge/refuel, connect car's API with us

3 Jan, 2019

See the fuel economy of your car and how it compares with others.
For EVs, we can show you the battery degradation.
For ICE cars, we can compare it to similar cars' MPG

🔋325 mile range
Business road trip

Car cleaned and recharged

2-4 Feb, 2019

🔋300 mile range

Your car's value dropped 3% since purchase

1 Mar, 2019

See how your car compares with others, and based on how you drive, your car's value could be higher than others.

🎉 Value is $1,500 above average

Tire rotation

21 July, 2019

Our maintenance reminder tells you that its time for a tire rotation

⚙️ $89

Curious about selling your car

10 Jan, 2020

Checking the valuation report, you see that your car is worth $5,000 above the average price for a similar car.

You sell your car after driving it for 1 year for $45,000, and with the tax savings, you end up breaking even.

💰 45,000