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Hi There!

Cars are getting smarter and so should their valuation. Keemut helps vehicle owners get the most value out of their car through connected car technology and other key data points. Time bid a farwell to ancient valuation methods!

Who Are We ?


At our core, we're engineers. We've over 15 years of experience in the automotive industry with the likes of Toyota and Honda. We strongly believe in the Toyota Way of working and building products.

Problem Solvers

We are problem solvers and critical thinkers. We aim to build products that have some practical real life applications and help our customers in their day to day life.

Car Enthusiasts

We love cars! One of our team members has been a rally driver in the past. We love the rush and adrenaline that driving a car gives, there's no match for that feeling when wind hits your face!

Why We Built Keemut ?

For Car Buyers

The car buying experience in the vehicle resale market is not very pleasant. The lack of transparency when buying a used car can now be limited.

For Car Owners

Owning a car till now was just a expense. Car Owners Own The Data And We Help Them Monetize it.


Technologies like Machine Learning are at the heart of our product. Through connected car technologies we harvest key data points that help the owner get the most value out of their car.