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See how our patented valuation tool
helped a Tesla owner earn $2000 more on his sale

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Capture the experience of driving in new ways

Keemut helps you track your mileage, gas, maintenance and other expenses to give you a full Total Cost of Ownership insight

For connected cars like Tesla, you unlock more features.

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Keemut Dashboard

20.1 million

Miles on Keemut


Trips recorded so far


Average Trip Efficiency

Battery insights such as battery degradation, and which stations are best for your car

Keemut Battery Page

based charging database Fill in your charge rates to add more data to our community

Download the Keemut app to see the charging stations near you and their charging rates


Average State of Charge


Average Battery Life Of Teslas

39 mins

Average Charge Duration

What are the top 10 issues with your car?

Enter your maintenance history to track your Total Cost of Ownership and see how it compares to similar cars like yours.

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Track your daily trips with Keemut

Keemut Trips

Track your trips as you as you sign up with Keemut. Find out if your connected car is driven better or worse than others in the Keemut community.

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Use our patented valuation engine to get the most value

Our patented valuation engine uses both environmental and vehicle data to determine the value of your car based on how its been driven.

Save thousands of dollars when you sell your car by selling your Keemut report.

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